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Beginning of classes: September 3rd, 2019

Place: Law Faculty's auditorium (University of Brasília)

The School of Higher Studies is open to the participation of the community as a whole. Inscriptions have three forms:

Observation: All classes will be ministered in Spanish or English

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The workshop's intention is to introduce, reflect and develop a critical perspective from the students regarding the theme of inequalities. First, as an issue of structure, differentiation and reproduction of disparities in society by means of economic, political, social and cultural lives and processes. It is a way of offering a broad perspective of the social inequality's many forms (income disparity, social status, law and access to resources, etc); the repercussions and mechanisms of its reproduction; and the answers created by governments, organizations and society to fight this problem. This will be done through treatment and discussion of various theoretical, historical and ethnographic studies, focused on Latin America's reality as well as other parts of the world.

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The Latin American College of Global Studies, a FLACSO-Brasil program, is an international multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary academic space, within the Social Sciences and Humanities, ith focus on the subject of inequalities, its causes, effects, and mitigation strategies. Read more



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