About the College

inauguração The Latin American College of Global Studies, a FLACSO-Brazil program, is an international, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary academic space, especially in the Social Sciences and Humanities, oriented towards the reflection and analysis of the conditions for production of inequalities and their effects on the different dimensions of social life, as well as mitigation strategies in the global context. Thus, as a necessary development of its activities, the College constitutes a space for reflection on the very making of Latin American Social and Human Sciences, and the role of the area and its researchers in the international scientific field.

The Latin American College of Global Studies is part of a larger project aimed at rethinking social sciences and humanities in Latin America and the role they can play in the international academic context, as promoters of new knowledge and theoretical and methodological innovation in the study and analysis of global issues, especially with regard to inequality and social justice. In this sense, the College seeks to contribute not only to the strengthening and visibility of what is produced in Brazil, but to broaden the scope of the academic activities of its participants, disseminate research production and  ctions, promote joint academic initiatives and connect these initiatives with other institutions, not only in Latin America, but in other continents. The College seeks to structure, therefore, a project of internationalization of the Latin American sciences.

The creation of the Latin American College of Global Studies is based on the idea that, starting from Latin America and from our experiences, theoretical frameworks and empirical researches, it is possible to project ourselves onto the discussion about larger global issues. Our main purpose is to establish a line of global studies in Brazil, focusing on analyses of inequalities and the promotion of social justice, in connection with the other Latin American countries. The College is already born with international institutional partners, especially with the Collège d’Études Mondiales of the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme-FMSH (http://www.fmsh.fr/em/college-etudesmondiales/189) from France, but also with several Latin American institutions.

 Promote a center of debate and scientific production in global studies, in order to contribute to the understanding of different realities, from a Latin American perspective.
 Promote an international research and discussion network, based on the production and internationalization of the Social and Human Sciences and on interdisciplinary participation;
 Promote the exchange of international researchers, professors and students;
 Promote innovation in numerous areas in the field of public policies;
 Incubate and disseminate interdisciplinary investigations with an international character;

 Develop databases and share with the community in general;
 Facilitate the interaction of academia with the various actors of civil society and social movements;
 Promote joint publications and collections of works that address current issues and matters of general interest;
 Organize international seminars, workshops, mini-courses and other joint activities.

About the College

The Latin American College of Global Studies, a FLACSO-Brasil program, is an international multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary academic space, within the Social Sciences and Humanities, ith focus on the subject of inequalities, its causes, effects, and mitigation strategies.


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